"Adult" Vinyl Pre-Order
$15.00 - $80.00

"Adult" Vinyl Pre-Order
$15.00 - $80.00

Random Coloured Vinyl - Limited to /250 copies!

Each vinyl will be unique, and I have no idea what they'll look like! Play the lottery with me!

I've attached a couple of examples of random pressings people have done in the past. My friends in Alaska's "Shrine" run and a spread I found on google images!

Bundles include:
T-Shirt - Navy Blue (Icons Design)
T-Shirt - Ash Grey (Canterbury Design)
Crewneck - Heather Charcoal (Icons Design)
T-Shirt Salesman Black 10" Vinyl (~25 left, pressing limited to 100)

If you want any particular bundle that isn't listed, let me know and I can figure it out!

1. Adult #1
2. Daisychain
3. Gold Leaf
4. Salt
5. King
6. Brother
7. You Are My Seatbelt
8. Adult #2

Release date 8th March.

Vinyl ships in late March (updated). I'll send the digital record out a couple of days early to you for all pre-orders :)

Ships worldwide, with local shipping rates in US and UK

Digital download included - with 3 bonus tracks: "Very Adult", "Bitter Enemies" + "Wisconsin".


Vinyl shipping costs:

US = $3.50
UK = £2.70
Mainland Europe = €6.50
Rest of World = $10

Bundle shipping costs:

US - $5.00
UK = £2.70
Mainland Europe = €10.00
Rest of World = $25 (I'll throw in a freebie)

I had to get rid of the dinosaur package names due to space on a mobile browser.... BUT -

Any questions or concerns? Or want custom packages? email holypinto@gmail.com!